The idea behind working as a team was initially to offer a complete breadth of orthopaedic sub-specialist support for patients and GP referrers. Team working has however delivered a much wider range of benefits, including: the opportunity for multi-consultant case discussions and care management; routine availability of sub-specialist appointments; the ability to direct a patient to the best consultant for their particular problem; sharing of innovation and ideas; and the development of a specialty focussed consulting area within a busy hospital.

Team working also enables the members to care for a much wider range of problems, as the expertise of the consultants extends from treatment of arthritis and other long-term conditions to medical and surgical management of sports injuries, plus surgical management that focuses on whether the issue is primarily caused by a soft tissue or a bone-related problem.

OrthTeam also work closely with the wider orthopaedic community – whether that be other specialist consultants e.g. radiologists, pain-management specialists and rheumatologists or treatment therapists, including physiotherapists, hand therapists and sports therapists.