‘The skill, good judgment, and polite behaviour that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well
Merriam-Webster dictionary 2015

The General Medical Council (GMC) requires that all doctors ‘make the care of their patients their first concern’. They achieve this by ensuring: they are competent; keep their knowledge and skills up to date; establish and maintain good relationships with patients and colleagues; are honest and trustworthy; and act with integrity and within the law.

OrthTeam consultants respond to this requirement by:

  • Maintaining a deep personal commitment to developing and improving their specialised knowledge, and to evidence this knowledge in their discussions with patients and colleagues

  • Being reliable and efficient in the execution of their duties

  • Demonstrating their honesty, integrity and values through effective delivery of their commitments and by seeking other expert help when faced with any limitations in their skill or knowledge 

  • Maintaining personal accountability for the actions they take 

  • Showing respect for the people with whom they engage - no matter what their role or situation - and to always act with good judgement and empathy

  • Giving confidence to patients and colleagues through the image they project.