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The Consultant was very professional and approachable’ ‘I used the internet to research who to see and I’ve been very happy with the resulting consultation’

The good opinion of patients and their families is of primary importance to OrthTeam consultants. To understand if our aims are being achieved, OrthTeam undertake a number of feedback activities. Some feedback is collected through form completion (mainly Patient Related Outcome Measure feedback – PROMs) or from clinical records, whilst other feedback is collected direct from patients and relatives.

If you wish to provide your views on any aspect of care, please feel free to send it via the Please Get in Touch form or call 0800 328 2975.

Please find below some further explanation of the information we collect.


The process of collecting Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) originated within the NHS in 2009. The intention of PROMs is to assess the quality of care delivered to patients - from the patient perspective. Within the NHS it is mandatory to collect information on four clinical procedures (hip and knee replacement procedures, groin hernia repair operations and varicose vein operations) but most surgical consultants gather data for a wider range of procedures.

In order to assess the success of a procedure, every patient is asked to provide information on how well they feel they can complete a number of normal daily activities (completion of which could be restricted by the impact of the affected joint), plus the level of mobility and the level of pain experienced. This information is collected immediately before surgery and then at regular intervals for several years; comparisons are then made across a group of similar patients (e.g. by age, gender etc).

The range of PROMs work continues to develop and Foot & Ankle PROMs are now being trialed across four orthopaedic centres of excellence within the UK. OrthTeam consultant experience is such that they are asked to participate in pilots studies and Tim Clough is currently leading the Foot & Ankle PROMs trial at Wrightington Hospital. Tim’s role is to lead a team of research and clinical staff in the development of systems and data capture processes. Information on the outcomes perceived by patients having two specific procedures (ankle and joint fusion) will be collected at regular intervals over a 12 month period.

‘The great thing about being a recognised expert in a particular field, is the opportunity to lead on new ideas - such as the Foot & Ankle PROMS pilot I’m leading at Wrightington, which is part of a study involving four orthopaedic centres of excellence in the UK’
Tim Clough, Foot & Ankle surgeon

National Joint Registry

For hip and knee replacement procedures, data is also submitted to the National Joint Registry ( and OrthTeam consultants use this facility to register data on their privately treated patients, as well as those treated within the NHS.
Patients can use the National Joint Registry (NJR) to gain a wealth of information about joint replacement, plus information on an individual consultant’s practice profile and mortality rates ( The following OrthTeam consultants are listed within the NJR register:

  • Mr Sanjay Anand (Knees and hips)
  • Professor Tim Board (Hips and knees)
  • Mr Jonathan Borrill (Knees and hips)
  • Mr (David) Adam Hoad-Reddick (Hips and knees)
  • Professor Philip Turner (Knees).

Each of these consultants has achieved outcomes in line with nationally set rates.
The NJR site also includes a small amount of information and data relating to other joint surgery.

Customer Feedback

Most people attending a hospital are asked to complete a questionnaire to provide feedback on the level of service delivered. In addition, some private medical insurance providers are now surveying their customers about their expectations and experiences. OrthTeam have decided to balance their need for feedback with a desire to not overburden people with questionnaires – which in essence means we will use feedback available to us as a result of the previously mentioned surveys but also seek direct feedback in relation to important parts of the service. 

The consultation is for us, one of the most important aspects of care, as this is when a patient needs to feel complete confidence in the decisions they are taking about future treatment or management of their condition. To understand how people feel about their consultation, we now conduct feedback interviews every few weeks. 

We’re pleased to advise that of the interviews conducted to date, 100% of those interviewed said they’d recommend OrthTeam to other people.