Providing the Best Possible Care

OrthTeam was created 10 years ago, to allow like minded specialist orthopaedic surgeons to share ideas and best practice. We’re proud to say this plan worked and today OrthTeam consultants are recognised both locally and nationally for their clinical expertise and the high regard they place on delivering great quality care.

One of the most reassuring aspects of the OrthTeam structure (for both ourselves and people using our service) is the broad range of subspecialist areas covered – meaning that an expert consultant is available whatever the upper and lower limb orthopaedic condition to be treated. In addition, each of us has different ‘superspecialist’ interests, which enables us to take on various expert roles, for example: training of other doctors in our area of expertise; advising manufacturing companies on surgical instruments or other specialised medical devices; engaging in research to enable further advancements in care.

Whatever we get involved in, OrthTeam consultants share one common goal: 

To provide the best possible care

This aim applies to all aspects of our practice because, although delivering fantastic care is the ultimate aim, we know that to do this well we have to invest in many other activities, such as developing our learning and that of others, maintaining great relationships with hospital companies and private medical insurance providers, and working with others to continually improve effectiveness.

In recognition of these key requirements, our practice is built upon these 5 key tenets:


  • We recognise that teamwork delivers greater value and strength


  • We expect professionalism and skill to be evident in every aspect of our practice


  • Our involvement in teaching, research, mentorship and lecturing, is testament to our commitment to orthopaedic excellence


  • We take individual responsibility for updating our knowledge and expertise, so that we offer the best orthopaedic advice


  • We care passionately that people think we've done a good job.

We hope you’ll want to be part of the wider OrthTeam community by either choosing to be cared for by us or by recommending our care to your friends or family.