SXSW and MedTech 

The festival 'South by South West' (or SXSW for short) is the home of everything new and cutting edge in startups and tech, and for this reason, MedTech was a prominent part of the event.

Taking place in Austin, Texas and showcasing the latest in film, music and interactive media; the festival has been running since 1987 - growing immensely every year. This year, the SXSW Health & MedTech Expo gave attendees of the festival a first-hand look at all the latest innovations in the field.

MedTech is a term that has been used for years, and while it might seem unfamiliar to you, you personally may have been using it for years as well. A plaster to cover up a cut, spectacles to see better or walking sticks to help with mobility: all "MedTech".

SXSW featured much more advanced forms of it however, with areas such as digital health, pediatric health and heath data API’s being discussed and advanced by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Industry leaders such as Wen Dombrowski and Tim O-Reily also spoke at the second annual SH Health & MedTech Expo. Here, they lead a variety of showcases and exhibitions that really demonstrated how positive the future of the industry is looking. 

The question of shifting from precision medicine to precision prevention was discussed at the “Hacking for Healing: MedTech and Chronic Disease” event too, and lead to some fascinating debate on the subject. The Dell Medical Schools #HeathHiveEvent was equally interesting, with talk of a crowdsource that would help bring peoples big ideas to life and ultimately help improve the world of healthcare. 

We have to wait another year to visit SXSW again, and it will be interesting to see the advancements made in 2017.

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