Rob Gilbert is one of the Inspiring Faculty at the January Arthrex Live Meeting

Rob Gilbert demonstrated his techniques for advanced meniscus repair at the Arthrex Knee Meeting in January. Rob has recently been using a new piece of equipment (developed by Arthrex) that allows surgeons to repair previously inaccessible or irreparable meniscus tears; his demonstration of operating technique  showed the audience how, using this equipment, he can now preserve the meniscus in more patients and thereby improve knee function in the long term, for these people.

Rob has been using this new piece of equipment for several months and during this time has performed repairs on two rugby union players, who previously would have had no option other than to have their meniscus removed.

Rob was delighted to participate in the Arthrex meeting as it was a huge honour to have been invited and also enabled him to see other experts demonstrate their research and techniques. In addition, the course was well received by all who attended (one surgeon even went so far as to say it was the best meeting he’d ever been at!).

Highlights of the course for Rob included a presentation on the use of ACP (autologous conditioned plasma) as a treatment for early osteoarthritis of the knee and the use of an internal knee brace (a cord of material attached to the inside of the knee) that stabilises the joint and allows a patient to begin rehabilitation sooner than would have be the case with traditional techniques. Rob feels that both of these innovations can complement the range of treatment he currently provides for athletes and young people with knee problems, and will be integrating them into his practice.

Rob’s particularly excited about the internal knee brace surgery, as a large part of his practice involves treating athletes who participate in contact or collision sports, and a procedure that potentially allows an accelerated rehabilitation protocol, a faster return to sport and hopefully a decrease in the incidence of re-injury, would be of huge benefit to this group.

The symposium saw a host of presentations and debates, delivered by a range of international guest speakers and acclaimed Orthopaedic experts. The live surgery demonstrations, showcasing the latest advancements in the field of knee surgery, utilised live video and audio links from the operating theatre and Mobile Surgical Skills Lab.


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