Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Adlington "my shoulder injury hurt worse than childbirth" 

Often referred to as one of Britain’s most successful swimmers, Rebecca Adlington recently injured herself filming Channel 4’s ‘The Jump’.

The multi-gold medal winner retired from swimming at the age of 23, but has since starred in many television shows, such as ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ and more recently ‘The Jump’. It was in the latter that she dislocated her shoulder whilst attempting a jump from a 100m ice slope.

OrthTeam member Professor Len Funk examined her and suggested a procedure to repair the damaged shoulder, which was later undertaken at The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, a suburban village in Rebecca's home city of Manchester.

She quoted the initial pain as being “worse than giving birth”, but the work of Len Funk means she is well on her way to recovery and will in fact be returning to the set of the show for the final episode. 

Speaking on the injury, Len Funk said:

“A dislocated shoulder usually happens when someone falls heavily onto their arm. When the shoulder is dislocated, it means the ball joint of the upper arm has popped out of the shoulder’s socket. The surrounding tissues may also be torn.

“Doctors will first X-ray the shoulder to establish the extent of the problem, before putting the shoulder back into its socket, a process called reduction. This may be carried out under general anaesthetic or sedation.

“When someone has damaged the tendons, which is the tough tissue surrounding and supporting the shoulder joint, surgery is needed to repair them.”

Next comes an arthroscopy, which is keyhole surgery that uses small incisions in the skin for the surgeon to then enter with a thin tube camera, also known as an arthroscope. This is used to assess the damage in the area around the joint. 

He then finished, saying:

“Recovery from this procedure takes several weeks and patients will then receive regular physiotherapy sessions to help strengthen and rehabilitate the shoulder area.”

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