John Leach is delighted that Salford Royal Hospital recently invested in O-arm technology - a Surgical Imaging System that is designed for use in neurosurgery, including spinal surgery and deep brain stimulation.

The revolutionary piece of machinery provides surgeons with instant 3D scans of a patient's anatomy during complex brain and spinal surgery. One of the huge benefits, from John's perspective, is the ability to check that spinal implants are positioned correctly:

'Most spinal implant surgery is uncomplicated and implant positioning is checked in theatre with 2D x-rays. In the majority of cases this type of imaging provides adequate reassurance about implant position but on rare occasions an incorrect placement is not identified by x-ray, and this may lead to increased post-operative pain and possibly even surgery at a later date. O-arm technology allows CT-quality images to be obtained on the table before the end of the operation, thus allowing any necessary adjustments to be made at this time'.

John undertakes private spinal surgery procedures at The Alexandra Hospital, Spire Manchester Hospital and Salford Royal Hospital.

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