5 Reasons Why Rowing Might Be The Sport For You 

On Sunday 27th March, the annual Oxford V Cambridge Boat Races start again, and this year they’re raising money and awareness for Cancer Research UK

The race takes place between the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, both comprising of a male and female team that take each other on in a tradition that has ran since 1829.

It attracts thousands of people that turn out to watch the race in person and millions watching on TV, which is testament to how exciting the sport of rowing can be. It is also a brilliant form of exercise, and provides a multitude of benefits for anyone that takes up the sport.

We’ve compiled some examples of why rowing could be recommended to you by most physiotherapists and orthopedic specialists as a great method of getting in shape:

  • Low impact exercise. While running may seem like one of the most popular exercises, it can also be bad for your joints as it is so high impact - especially when running on concrete. Rowing as an alternative means, not only can you work many muscles in your body while being much safer than other sports such as boxing or running, but you can also burn just as many calories. 
  • Good for fat burning. Being a predominately aerobic sport means that rowing can be one of the best sporting activities for getting rid of fat, and up to 600 calories can be burnt quite easily in just an hour.
  • Builds muscles fast. Triceps, biceps and quadriceps are all worked while rowing, meaning that continued rowing could see those muscles build in size in a short amount of time.

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